Friends recruit friends

Friends recruit friends

Here you can find out how you and your friends can collect HappyPoints.

Screenshot of the Refer a Friend process

And this is how it works:

  1. Go to your customer account and click on "My recommendations"
  2. Here you can find your recommendation link. You can send it to friends or integrate it into your blog. If friends register via this link, you will both receive HappyPoints on your first order.
  3. Alternatively, you can invite friends personally. Enter the name and e-mail address of your friend.
  4. Write a nice message and
  5. click the "Send the invitation" button.

When your friend registers with the e-mail address you entered, you will both collect HappyPoints on your first order!

You can collect these HappyPoints

Your friend registers via your HappyLink and places his first order.

  • Your friend will be credited 500 HappyPoints for this.
  • You will receive 150 HappyPoints if his order had a value between 1€ and 30€.
  • If his order had a value of over 30€, you will receive 300 HappyPoints.