How to: Add materials in Silhouette Studio

If you want to cut a textile vinyl you will soon note that there are no presets for most vinyls. That's why we want to show you how to add materials in the Silhouette Studio software so can quickly choose them the next time.

cut settings

First go to Cut Settings. You can find them in the upper right corner of the Studio window. The icon looks like a stylised cutter blade.

Silhouette Studio add new material

On the right side of your screen you will see this menu where you can select different cut settings. We will have a closer look at the section "Material Type". You will notice that there are a lot of presets for a variety of materials, even some for "Heat Transfer Material". But as every vinyl is unique it is better to make a new entry for every vinyl and to name this entry accordingly.

To make a new entry, click the plus sign in the bottom right corner.

Enter values

A new menu will open (see above). Enter the name of the vinyl where it says "Material" and adjust the thickness and speed settings according to our Printing Instructions where we listed the settings for all of our vinyls.

Tips & Tricks:

You can enter the blade setting in the software. But note that this is only a reminder for yourself when you are using the Silhouette Portrait or Cameo 2 cutter. With these cutters you will need to adjust the blade in the cutter itself! If you are using the Cameo 3 you won't need to manually set the blade as the value will be transmitted digitally.

You can add the different vinyls only when you need them or you take some time to enter all of them at once so nothing will stop you from cutting the next times.

You should always do a test cut before cutting an entire design. We have chosen the settings we believe work best for each vinyl but your results may differ depending on the state of your blade and other factors.