Textile films / foils

Can the flex foil be weeded and then transported to iron it on later? If so, what is the best way to transport it without damaging the adhesive?

Hello, Caroline, finished motifs can be easily packed in transparent covers. With the flex film it is no problem at all, thanks to the adhesive backing. Fine motifs in glitter or flock, should not be bent, so that the film cannot come off the backing...

Can I press all films with an iron?

Principally, all films can also be pressed on with an iron. The easiest way to do this is if the motif is not much bigger than the iron itself. If the motif is larger, the iron has to be applied several times, and the pressing time can be reduced by...

What do I need to get started?

So that you can start right away, we have put together different starter sets. These sets contain everything you need to get started right away. The small set consists of a Silhouette Cutter - Cameo 3 or Portrait 2 - and some foils, which are easy...

How long does it take for the transfer press to heat up at approx. 160° C? Greetings Claudia

Hello, Claudia, the HappyPress 3 needs approx. 10 to 15 minutes until it is heated up to 150°C, 160°C Greeting Anja

Hello, is it possible to control the temperature on this unit?

Hello Fahel, on all presses you can set the temperature. The HappyPress 2.1 has an additional timer function. Greeting Anja

Hello, how hard do you have to press with the HappyPress 2.1?

Hello Brigitte, we recommend a waist-high working height, then it is enough to lean on the press due to the dead weight of the heating plate Please make sure to use both handles when pressing. Greeting Anja

How much contact pressure does the machine generate (e.g. in kg) Can the machine be used cold (only pressure, no heat)?

Hello Georg, the HappyPress 4 does not have an indicator for the contact pressure. The pressure is adjusted to the material via an adjusting screw. A little trick, for the right pressure there is still a trick: Step 1 - Take the supplied cover...

What is the best way to store the films?

The films are best stored lying down. Rolls can of course also be stored rolled. The films should be dry, at room temperature and not exposed to direct sunlight. Our sturdy foil packaging for A4 foils is perfect for storing the foils!

What do I have to consider before the first wash?

The motif should rest for about 2 days before the first wash - the adhesive must dry completely and soak into the textile. For a longer durability of the motif the textile should always be washed inside out, at max. 40 °C on average. Some films can ...

Which film is suitable for the labelling of swimming costumes?

Unfortunately, there is no optimal film for swimming costumes, as the fibres are often very heavily impregnated or the film does not tolerate chlorinated water well. In general it can be tried with HappyFlex Stretch, but there is no guarantee that...

When should I change the knife?

The life of a knife depends on its use. A knife that is mainly used to cut glitter or fashion film usually wears out faster. We therefore recommend using two knives. One for the standard HappyFlex films and one for special films or paper. Often ...

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