Which films are suitable for printing on the velour T-shirt? Best regards.

Hello, for velour fabric all our foils can be used. The films are also suitable for polyester fabrics such as velour. To achieve a better durability, it is best to press again from the back side. However, if the fabric resublimates/bleeds when ...

Good evening, how can I redeem my voucher, I can't find a field where I can enter the codes during the order?

Hello, Carolin, The voucher code can be entered in the shopping cart in the field discount code. Please note that you are registered and logged in if you want to redeem a voucher code. Greeting Anja

What is the best way to store the films?

The films are best stored lying down. Rolls can of course also be stored rolled. The films should be dry, at room temperature and not exposed to direct sunlight. Our sturdy foil packaging for A4 foils is perfect for storing the foils!

Where can I redeem a voucher?

Hello, You can enter the voucher code in the shopping cart in the field discount code. Please note that the voucher code is only accepted if you are registered and logged in. Greeting Anja

Unfortunately I cannot open the file with my programme (CanvasWorkspace). What is the reason for this?

Hello Tanja, have you unpacked the .zip or the .rar? The .svg file should open without problems with the CanvasWorkspace. Did you get an error message? Greeting Anja

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