How much contact pressure does the machine generate (e.g. in kg) Can the machine be used cold (only pressure, no heat)?

Hello Georg, the HappyPress 4 does not have an indicator for the contact pressure. The pressure is adjusted to the material via an adjusting screw. A little trick, for the right pressure there is still a trick: Step 1 - Take the supplied cover sheet and place it on the base plate so that a piece of the cover sheet protrudes at the front. Step 2 - Close the press. Step 3 - Try pulling the cover sheet out slowly. It should be difficult to pull it out, but not so that it can tear. If it is too easy or not possible to pull the sheet out at all, readjustment is necessary. You can also close the press or switch it on if you have not installed the auto-open module. Greeting Anja
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