Do I get anything if I acquire a new customer?

If you canvass a new customer, i.e. someone who has not yet ordered from us, you can get up to 300 HappyPoints for it. 150 HappyPoints are available if the referred new customer places an order from 1 euro to 30 euros. You will receive 300 HappyPoints...

How can I collect HappyPoints?

You will receive HappyPoints according to the value of the goods in your shopping basket without shipping multiplied by 1.5, rounded down when calculating the HappyPoints. Only full HappyPoints are awarded.

How can I use HappyPoints?

As a registered customer, you will find a box in the shopping basket under your desired article with the name "Use your HappyPoints". There you can enter how many HappyPoints you want to use when ordering. You must use at least 100 HappyPoints. You can...

Can HappyPoints expire?

Your HappyPoints expire after 2 years if you have not redeemed them by then. However, you will receive an information email from us 5 days before the expiry date.

How much is a HappyPoint worth?

For every 1 Euro value of goods you receive 1.5 HappyPoints. When you redeem the HappyPoints, 1 HappyPoint is worth 1 cent. So 100 HappyPoints are worth 1 euro. You can redeem them from just 1 euro.

Where can I see how many HappyPoints I have?

When you place an order, you can immediately see in the shopping basket how many HappyPoints you have collected for this order and also how many you have already collected in total. You can also redeem your collected points in the shopping basket...

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