Is there a recommended setting for the cutter?

Hello Svenja, the cutting settings for HappyDekor Frost and HappyDekor Frost Colour are the same as for the vinyl films Silhouette cutting settings (new knife): Cutting speed: 5 contact pressure: 10 Knife: 1 Brother cutting settings (new ...

Can the flex foil be weeded and then transported to iron it on later? If so, what is the best way to transport it without damaging the adhesive?

Hello, Caroline, finished motifs can be easily packed in transparent covers. With the flex film it is no problem at all, thanks to the adhesive backing. Fine motifs in glitter or flock, should not be bent, so that the film cannot come off the backing...

Hello, where can I download my free and purchased plotter files? Best regards Bernd.

Hello, Bernd, After receipt of payment or completion of the order, you will receive an e-mail with a download link. Or you can log into your customer account and find all files under "Downloads". Greeting Anja

Can this knife also be used with the Cameo 3? Best regards Sarah

Hello, Sarah, the Silhouette Car Knife for Cameo 4, is exclusively designed for the Cameo 4. Accessories not specified for the Cameo 4 can be used for the Cameo 3 or Portrait 2. Greeting Anja

Does the knife adjust automatically?

Hello, Maria, no, the knife does not adjust itself automatically. The knife must be selected in Silhouette Studio and adjusted by hand. Greeting Anja

Film is not cut correctly.

To prevent this from happening, it is always recommended to make a test cut. Even films of the same type can vary in their settings depending on the colour. If the film is still not cut correctly, always increase the pressure first before setting the...

How can I tell that the test cut is correct?

The test cut consists of a square with a triangle. First the square is weeded. The triangle should remain on the support without any problems. Then remove the triangle. The triangle should be easily visible on the support (slight scoring). If the...

When should I change the knife?

The life of a knife depends on its use. A knife that is mainly used to cut glitter or fashion film usually wears out faster. We therefore recommend using two knives. One for the standard HappyFlex films and one for special films or paper. Often ...

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