Can I press all films with an iron?

Principally, all films can also be pressed on with an iron. The easiest way to do this is if the motif is not much bigger than the iron itself. If the motif is larger, the iron has to be applied several times, and the pressing time can be reduced by about half. If the iron is too hot or the pressure is too firm, the film or adhesive can also be destroyed. The adhesive must not be heated too often, too much, otherwise the motif will not hold. An exception is the HappyFlex Vintage. We advise against using an iron if the film with the vintage effect is to be used. The uneven heat distribution makes it difficult to heat the motif in such a way that the backing and film can be removed evenly. Film residue could remain on the fabric. For pressing with an iron, you must choose a hard base, e.g. a wooden board. Pressing with an iron also requires some practice.
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