Printable Flex vinyls


HappyPrint Dark & Light

With our HappyPrint textile printing films / T-shirt transfer films you will become a chief designer! Because with them we give you the simplest tool to realize your ideas on your textiles. Without, that you need expensive equipment or special know-how. You develop a motif, such as a picture or a special saying, print it with a printer on the HappyPrint foil - and voilà: your design and your style!

The first step with HappyPrint films is to find the right motif: Whether you want to make a cheeky or a beautiful picture that you or a friend of yours has created - what you put on the textile is up to you. If you would like to print your motif on a dark textile, then take the HappyPrint Dark, for light textiles the HappyPrint® Light.

The whole is additionally available as DIN A4 5 sheet set.

For HappyPrint® Dark we recommend the HappyMask® transfer foil. With it you can do the same with HappyPrint Dark transfer the design more easily. If it is a filigree, plotted design, it will always needed.

In our blog we have detailed instructions on how to use this printable textile film to create your beautifying textiles:

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