How to:- HTV Female Line Drawing

How to:- HTV Female Line Drawing
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How to:- HTV Female Line Drawing

You know those really beautiful simple line drawings which make stunning pieces of art? Well our crafter Marnie thought she would give drawing one a go. It was A LOT harder than she thought. After many attempts Marnie resorted to rubbing bits out and redrawing, rather than one continuous line. But the overall effect worked out well in the end.

Marnie started by doing LOTS of line drawings to get the right design.
Once Marnie was happy with the design she went over the pencil with a black marker pen.
Marnie took a photo of her final artwork and downloaded it into Silhouette Studio, which is the software we use when cutting on the silhouette cameo 4.
Once you have your artwork in silhouette studio you can select the 'Trace' tool.
Drag the trace tool over your artwork and click trace.
The trace tool will then highlight your work. You can then drag away the original photo, and it will leave your artwork full outlined ready to cut into vinyl. Use the rubber tool to get rid of any untidiness that you don't need. And then cut your work on the Silhouette Cameo 4 in HappyFlex White

And THAT is how to get your own artwork from the page into real life.

Use the HappyPress2.1 to fuse your work onto a cute little t-shirt or anything else you could think of.
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