DIY Plant Pot slogan using HappyVinyl

DIY Plant Pot slogan using HappyVinyl
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DIY Plant Pot slogan using HappyVinyl

Ever wanted to add your own words or designs to a plant pot, vase or jar?

Whether you are up-cycling a jam jar or decorating a plat pot as a gift, our New HappyVinyl can transform a simple item in your house into something expensive looking and unique. For today's project we are showing you how to add this Self-Adhesive HappyVinyl in simple steps. You will be labelling and decorating in no time!

Grab your pot, vase or jar and let's get making!

You will need:

  • A pot, vase or jar - (Clean, dry and oil free surface)
  1. First you want to measure your item to see how wide and tall you want the writing or design to be.

2. We then opened Silhouette Studio which is a programme suited to Silhouette cutter machines. However, you could also use an alternative cutter such as Cricut or BrotherScanNCut. Type out your words or create your design. For HappyVinyl Self-Adhesive you do not need to mirror your design.

3. Place your HappyVinyl colour side up onto the cutting machine mat and load this into the machine. Then send your design to be cut using the setting available on our Downloads page on our website.

4. Once the Vinyl has been cut remove it from the machine and mat and in the light you should be able to see the cut lines. We cut around our design to save the rest of the vinyl for another project.

5. Using a weeding tool take away the excess vinyl to reveal the design. This tool is SUPER handy!

6. Using HappyVinyl Mask cut a piece out to fit over the design. Peel a corner away and start applying it on top of the HappyVinyl. Slowly peel the backing away until all the mask is applied. Use a squeegee to firmly press the tape onto your design.

7. Next peel away the mask. The Vinyl should be stuck to this, if some areas haven't quite transferred you can use the squeegee to press firmly on these areas and try again.

8. Place the Vinyl onto the pot in place and use the squeegee to push down on your design. Use a up and down motion making sure it is pressed onto the pot.

9. Lastly, peel away the mask tape to see your design transferred to the pot.

Tah Dah! You have a wonderful pot to display in your house amongst other plants or you may want to wrap it up as a gift for a loved one!

We would love to see your creations with our HappyVinyl or Heat Transfer Vinyl, don't forget to tag us in your posts.

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