DIY neutral floral sweater using HTV

DIY neutral floral sweater using HTV
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DIY neutral floral sweater using HTV

As Summer is just around the corner we wanted to bring you a lovely floral clothing project to get stuck into.

We are hoping for warmer weather soon but you can never beat a sweater to wear in the evenings or while we transition over from April showers to (hopefully) sunny May/June. We found a plain pink jumper that was desperate for an up-cycle and Hayley's going to show you every step of the way to creating a 'Wildflower' jumper. The design started off as a painting and we have a great video tutorial below where you can find out how to transform a painting/ drawing into a design ready to cut.

Don't forget you could up-cycle almost any item of clothing from cotton t-shirts to Poly blend skirts. The possibilities are endless. Are you ready to get personalising?

For this project you will need:

-HappyFlock: White

-HappyFlex: Navy & Cream

- Cutter (Silhouette, Cricut, Brother ScanNCut) Alternatively, you could draw around a stencil and hand cut your flowers.

- Scissors

- HappyWeeder

- HappyRelease paper

- Heat press or an iron


You could draw or paint your design (in Black and White) before hand or download digital artwork for your design online. Our crafter Hayley used a painting she had created for this project. To create a design from paper to the computer, you will need to either scan or take a photo of your art. This will need to be in black and white in order for the Cutting machine programme (Silhouette Studio) to recognise its outline.


Import your photo/scanned image into the design space, we are using Silhouette Studio but other machine programmes will have similar features. Then on the right hand side you will see a tool bar along the side. Click on "Open trace panel" and then "Select Trace area". Click and drag over the design, once highlighted in yellow, click trace. This will outline your design usually with a red outline. You can the put the photo to the side or delete it. If your design needs changing or areas need erasing you can use the tools in the left hand panel.


Now you have your design you can separate elements by right clicking and releasing compound path or ungrouping. You can arrange the design so that certain elements are ready to cut in certain colours. For example, one design in Navy, one design element in cream and so on. Make sure your design has been mirrored if it has a specific direction or you are creating writing.


Load your first HTV sheet shiny side down onto the cutting mat and load this into the machine. Click send in the top right and select your chosen material, e.g. Heat Transfer Flock. Cut the design out and repeat with the other elements of the design if needed.


Once your designs have been cut, weed away the excess vinyl to reveal the design. You can used a HappyWeeder to assist you with this. You should now be left with your floral designs.


Now you are ready to press your designs. First pre-press the sweater making sure all creases and moisture have been eliminated. Then add your first layer to the fabric shiny side up. You may want to measure the placement to make sure it is central if this is your desired position. We added the cream HappyFlex vinyl first.


Add HappyRelease paper or Greaseproof paper on top and press with a heat press or an iron for 10 seconds at 150 degrees.

Each of our vinyl effects may vary for temperature, time and peeling settings. For more information visit our DIY sheet online.


Once cooled slightly, peel away the clear carrier from the vinyl and place your next layer on top.

Repeat these steps with each layer to build up your design and make sure the plastic carrier has been peeled away in-between layers.

Tah-Dah! You have a finished jumper in a neutral and minimal style. You could also create a brighter or pastel style jumper with fun florals to create more of statement. Take a look at our full range of Heat Transfer Vinyl colours and effects on our website.

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