DIY Mug Design using HappyVinyl

DIY Mug Design using HappyVinyl
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DIY Mug Design using HappyVinyl

There's nothing like drinking out of your favourite mug or glass is there? If you're wanting to update an old mug or add something a little extra to make it special but not sure how, we have the project for you! This project is bound to get your creative juices flowing.

Try our HappyVinyl perfect for decorating surfaces such as glass, ceramic, plastic and balloons. You can peel it off and place onto a surface like a sticker and use our HappyVinyl Mask to assist you with applying more delicate designs, such as lettering too. Let's show you how we have put two of our effects together to show you the awesome possibilities it has. In addition, why not create a personalised gift or present to yourself adding something a little extra to your kitchen or get together.

For this project you will need:

  1. Firstly, measure the mug or glass to get an idea of how high and wide the design needs to be.

2. Secondly, create a design by importing a black and white drawing and using the trace tool to outline it. Alternatively, create your design digitally on a cutting machine programme. The cutting machine programme we are using is called Silhouette Studio and have we have created 3 different coloured layers.

When creating a layered design it is best to test make sure it will work onto a rounded surface such as a mug. If the design is a circle for instance the shape may not totally smooth down onto the surface. Lettering works particularly well as you can smooth the shapes around the mug. If you are using HappyVinyl for the first time we would recommend testing out one layer first to try out the technique of smoothing the vinyl to a project.

3. Thirdly, place the HappyVinyl colour side up onto the mat and send your design to cut. Once cut, you can then add your next vinyl sheet and repeat the process. If you have chosen multiple colours for your design to layer with make sure you cut one separately.

4. For the next step, weed the vinyl using a HappyWeeder tool to reveal your design. Here are our 3 colour layers.

5. Cut a piece of the HappyVinyl Mask to fit your design and peel one corner away and place directly onto the very top layer of your design. Slowly peel away the backing and smooth the mask over.

Use a HappySqueegee to smooth down and press all areas of the design. Next, peel away the mask with the vinyl attached. Create a layered design by repeating these steps with the other 2 layers.

6. Place the mask in place onto the mug or glass and press the middle section down with your finger. Nest, slowly smooth down the other areas by pushing and smoothing up and out. The HappySqueegee is very helpful for pushing any air bubbles out to smooth the design. If needed you could cut slits into the mask so that the design is easier to bend around the curve. Slowly peel away the mask until the whole design is stuck and continue to smooth the vinyl down.

Your design is complete and beautifully personalised but now just needs to be filled with some creative juice. In our case it's a good cuppa tea! Why not enjoy with a biscuit or two?

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