DIY jar labels using HappyVinyl

DIY jar labels using HappyVinyl

DIY jar labels using HappyVinyl

Have you ever wanted to label and organise your cupboard in a Stacey Soloman style?

If the answer is yes, then this is definitely the project for you! With our NEW Self-Adhesive HappyVinyl range you can label almost anything with your own personalised touch. Use HappyVinyl on glass, ceramic, plastic and wood. The possibilities for labelling and organising are endless!


For this project you will need:

- HappyVinyl Self-Adhesive Matt Black

- Silhouette Cameo 4 (or alternative cutter such as Cricut or Brother ScanNCut)

- HappySqueegee

- HappyWeeder

- Scissors

- HappyVinyl Mask

Step 1

Type out the writing for your label in your design programme. We are using Silhouette Studio for our Silhouette Cameo 4 Cutter. Make sure the width and height is correct for your jar size.

Step 2

Place the HappyVinyl colour side up onto the cutting mat and load this into the cutter. Next send your design to cut.

Step 3

Once the vinyl has been cut take it away from the mat. Then cut around your design and weed away the access vinyl with a weeding tool.

Step 4

Add HappyVinyl Mask on top of the vinyl design and smooth down with a HappySqueegee. Make sure all areas have been pressed down. Peel away the mask slowly, the vinyl should transfer to the mask.

Step 5

Place the mask with vinyl attached directly onto a clean and oil free glass surface and press on like a sticker. Use the HappySqueegee to press down on each letter.

Step 6

Slowly peel away the mask to leave the vinyl attached to the glass. Re-press any areas if needed to make sure all the vinyl has adhered.


Tah Dah! It's ready to fill with your chosen filling depending on your label. This jar is ready to store some Brown Sugar saving any plastic packaging!


4 months ago